How to Care for a Wood Cutting Board or Charcuterie Board

Most of our clients want to maintain the look of their boards so one of the most common questions is how to care for a wood cutting board or charcuterie board.  These are durable products and made to last a lifetime in your kitchen, so don’t be afraid to use them.  We’ve included everyday cleaning and long term care tips below.

How to clean a board

Maple side grain side view how to care for board
Maple Cutting Board
  • Use regular soap and water – the dishwasher soap in your kitchen will work
  • Try to avoid using a steel brush to clean the surface – a cloth or sponge is plenty!
  • High heat from the dishwasher can hurt your board and can lead to cracking, warping, etc. – hand wash!
  • Clean your wood cutting board regularly as you prepare food in the kitchen
  • Wood is porous, so standing liquids will eventually start to penetrate the wood surface
  • Pay special attention to removing raw meat liquids from the board as soon as possible
  • Sterilize shortly after cleaning with a sanitizing wipe (Clorox disinfecting wipes are great!)

Always have some Mineral Oil on hand

It’s very important to use Mineral Oil to keep your board looking good.  How often?  If you use your board every day, a coat of mineral oil once every 2 weeks would be fantastic.  If you use your board a couple times a week, add the mineral oil every 3 -4 weeks. This is a non-toxic, food-grade mineral oil and wax which is safe to ingest.

Why is conditioning with Mineral Oil so important?

  • This will incorporate moisture back into the wood, which will bring out it’s natural, authentic color
  • Mineral Oil also creates a natural sealant to protect the wood
  • It will ensure your board lasts a long, long time and serves you well!

Types of Mineral Oil  (suggested)

Mineral Oil Care Instructions

  • Drizzle the board with 1 teaspoon of the waxy-oil substance
  • Use a lint-free cloth to evenly spread the wax over the board
  • Drizzle a second layer if the board has not been fully coated the first time around
  • You should see the “natural color” return to the board
  • Set aside for a few hours, or overnight to dry